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That Monday Morning Feeling (aka The Post Lockdown Blues?)

Monday mornings tend to bring a strange mix of rareing to go start of the week with equally last week's ills carried across into the supposedly new normal of what was normal with what is to be normal going forward. The Tooting Market trickles with passers by, most are regulars that if I do not see them for any given day I wonder as to their whereabouts to new faces that I have no recolection of ever seing them before. Either way, if a person is with positive vibes I am only too happy. As for negative vibes, file under miscellaneous and move on to persons positive.

Still that Monday Morning Feeling persists. I have done all the administration bits, dusted the displays and shop counter, checked stock levels, done social media, and all the other things one is meant to do but still I find my mind drifting and wondering about wondering. Perhaps it is the accumulation of everyone elses concerns for what they are concerned about that has depositied itself onto me. Equally it could be my subconcious overloading and spilling into my concious and the process of translation is perhaps slow, perhaps it awaits a real happening to then reveal what was stewing in the quiet facets of my brain. Then I have one very lively lady enter the shop and we start talking about Egyptian cotton then two lively ladies enter the shop and the conversation moves onto coronavirus, Brexit, and the congestion charge.

That's what causes the 'That Monday Moring Feeling (aka The Post Lockdown Blues)

Lack of face to face human interaction. Also perhaps amplified by facemasks.

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