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The Easing Out of Lockdown

The exit out of lockdown, as it has been termed, is perhaps one of the most challenging scenarios for us Humans. As much as we can be isolationists there is within us the bonds of togetherness and communality, which this lockdown thing has certainly upset.

Masks and social distancing have officially had to be adhered to but I have seen many not do so including at times myself, not out of rebelliousness but out of the sheer power of communality, that togetherness thing. Also for some fresh unresticted air.

I hope that we can continue to ease out of that lockdown thing without too much upheaval and with a few re-lockdowns along the way. Masks challenge our pathway of communication beyond the verbal. They are considered a requirement to counter victoriously what we have been informed is a global health challenge. They, the masks, require all the more effort for wearers whilst being in the throws of a heatwave, a whole set of additional layers of physical and psychological fuel in order to get through the day. I genuinely, one evening, forgot my bandana and let three buses go by whilst I directed three hankerchiefs into their new use. Incidentally, the three hankerchiefs had been for the whole hot day soaking up my persperation, only to get on the bus and see not driver and not other passengers wearing any mouth/nose covering at all. Guess who felt like an idiot and safe from what, and particularly with three hankerchiefs in need of washing around my face.

I have seen some pedestrians dart far and wide to avoid me and yet others seemed to have diverted their path to pass to near to me, none being prejudiced or malicious just trying to exisit in what has been and still is confusions beyond compare. I, despite liking my times of being all alone, thoroughly enjoyed the intial buzz and energy as things began to re-open and humans did the mass together thing. Music pumping and a whole mix of differents yet like so alikes chilled and soaked up the sun and all the rest after three months plus of repeated groundhog days whilst not sadly being able to change the routine of get up sit down lounge around and go to bed get up sit down lounge around and go to bed get up sit down lounge around and go to bed, get my drift?

This sadly brought a whole host of challenges and potential conflicts as we from our place of trading found a mass of humans needing to do the mass human thing and the oppositions to what remains a unique set of circumstances in what is a unique times of such circumstances. Neighbours and traders complaining whilst not at the time recognising that we, Humanity, have been at times scared and very uncertain as to what is actually happeing, going on around us and amongst us.

What it has confirmed to myself is my continued belief in humanity and fainess and equality for all variants of one race. That race is the human race. Long may it last and look may it thrive and long may it overcome all the many challenges that it does and will continue to face.

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