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About Us

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Skin of Love = (Natural Skincare) Skin Loving natural products created by us from ingredients derived from natures flora (Plants).

Our aim is to provide quality skin care products that meet the simple but very important remit of,

 "Healthy Products for Healthy Skin" 
Dale Richards  -  Director

Skin of Love is a brand that is committed to a diverse human world, (what is incorrectly temed as races, whereas there is only one race and that is the Human Race), multi-cultural and multi-religious world with the peaceful aim of creating natural products for all. We are based in London, England.  Manufacturing is based in Battersea, South London along with a Skin of Love retail outlet in Tooting Market. We personally use every product that we create and manufacture.

Our products are vegan.  No animal testing.  No animal extracts are used.  No alcohol is used as ingredients. No porcine is stored/consumed at our production base. We are are comitted to meeting the standards of Kosher and Halal.


We source ingredients from across the world but always purchase through established and reputable suppliers who can fully trace the source, origin and are able to verify the quality and authenticity of all that we use in producing the products for your pleasure and well being.

We pride ourselves in making all our products.


Oils being added to Formulation and stirred.

"Ingredients are all prior weighed and added, often not in one go as this eases the process of blending. Speed of blending and tempaerature of ingredients remain a mystery to myself and this is what makes it so fascinating. Every blend session presents different challenges."


Amber Glass Bottle being filled.

"Amber glass provides the best UV protection for our natural products. Sun light and packaged products are always a challenge."

(Phillip-Filling Team)

Dropper being inserted.

First Seal

"There is a satisfying click that confirms the dropper has seated correctly"

Sylvia-Production Packing Team



"Each label is a challenge"

Laurin (Labelling Team & Dale's Mum)

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