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An unbleached organic cotton double layered.


Unbleached organic cotton double layered muslin squares. Ideal for washing baby's and adults  delicate skin.  Muslin cloths are an excellent addition to any skin-care routine for a few reasons.


The finely woven texture of muslin is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Using a muslin cloth increases circulation to the face, sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal new, younger cells. There are no ingredients to worry about, making this one of the most natural and gentle ways to care for your skin.


  • 25 x 25 cm
  • Quantity: Five (5)  wash cloths per pack
  • 100% unbleached organic cotton - dries quickly too!

Disana Organic Cotton Muslin Face/Body Wash Cloths (5 to a Pack)

  • 100% Organic Cotton

    Five Cloths per a pack.

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